Perfect Valentines Day Gift??? Duh…Give up the Booty!


We can hunt and hunt all we want too, but at the end of the day do you know what the perfect Valentine’s Day for your mate will be?


That’s right! Say what you want but when the sun goes down, those panties should too! Do something different, something unexpected. Do something out of the ordinary. Something that he wont see coming.

Idea One: Introduce him to your alter-ego. Someone he hasnt met before, but someone that you know he will love. Have her do all of the things of his dreams. It will be a night he will surely remember.

Idea Two: Say YES!!! No matter what it is (except a threesome lol) say YES! Everything that you usually say no to, that night say a Big Fat Yes!!!th

Idea Three: Send him on a sexy scavenger hunt. Have him find things around the house that you plan on using in the bedroom with him later!

Try something new!! Have Fun!!!

BBB stands for…

B is for Books. B is for Beauty. And B is for the Booty.

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Stick around we’re just getting started!!!